Meeting the owner!


We have all arrived safely at Bamburgh and are now meeting the owner of our lovely hotel, Paul. We can smell our dinner cooking and CAN’T wait!

7 thoughts on “Meeting the owner!

  1. Hi Dylan, it looks like you’re having a brilliant time so far. Hope you’re settled in at the hotel. Bet you’re looking forward to your meal. Have a lovely night. Lots of love Mum & Harry xxx


  2. Hope you’re having a great time Charlie! The weather looks better now than it was this morning. Enjoy your tea and your evening everyone. From Jo and Erin x


  3. I’m sure you were all ready for your evening meal after all that fun, and still only day one! What an adventure. I’m sure you will all have a wonderful week learning and sharing new experiences. Have a great time.
    Love Mrs Kirby


  4. Hi jessie, Looks like you enjoying yourselves, the hotel looks great. Have a good night sleep!!!
    all our love, Daddy, Katty and Katie


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