GoPro on Holy Island!

9 thoughts on “GoPro on Holy Island!

  1. Looks like your having a mint time josh you’ll love the boat ride n that don’t forget to behave my man and tell your boys to stay safe


  2. These photos are amazing!! Thank you teachers for putting such happy, smiley faces on all of the children. Looks like you’re all having a great time. So lovely to keep updated with such wonderful posts. Hope you have a good night sleep Charlie, love you mate. Night xxx mum, dad, Jord and Erin xx


  3. Hi Jacob hope you enjoyed your day, and have eaten well. Holly and I have been showing Bonnie and Gary the pictures of you on the blog. Holly has been playing “holidays” with them. Can’t wait to see more of your advetlnture. Hugs & kisses, Mum, Holly & Ozzybozzy Xxxx


  4. Great day everyone looks amazing, so jealous. Missing you Kian I know I keep saying it but it’s true can’t wait to see more lovely pics tomorrow. Have fun guys xxxx love mum xxxx


  5. Hi tj, looks like you’ve had an amazing day today, it’s lovely to see you on the photo’s. Hope you have a good night’s sleep and look forward to seeing more photos tomorrow. We’re missing you loads, lots of love mum dad tyler and pippa XXXx


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