11 thoughts on “Off we go …….

  1. Good morning Kian hope the sea not to rough have a great boat ride. Love Mum&Dad p.s Bella really missing you she keeps asking when you are coming home xxxxx


  2. Hi Josh D
    It looks like you’re really having fun filled days!! Hope you didn’t get sea sick out on the boat. Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂 I’ll look in again tomorrow. x x x
    lot of love Mum x x x


  3. Hi Kaleem , me and dad are just looking at all the pics looks like your having an amazing time , enjoy yourself and will see you soon , love you xxxxxx


  4. Hi Freya,
    Sorry i’m late in catching up with your adventures. Hope you enjoyed the boat trip and didn’t get sea sick!
    Love Mum xxxx


  5. Hi Trav hope you are ok and enjoying your stay. We look forward to you telling us all about it when you get home. Grandma Jean and Gangan.XX


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