Out at Sea.

We are now seal spotting and learning more about Grace Darling.

9 thoughts on “Out at Sea.

  1. Hello Jack, looks like another lovely day for you. Hope you enjoyed the boat trip and managed to spot some seals!
    Love Dad x


  2. Hi Jacob, boat trip looks great, hope you’ve had a “swash buckling” time! Can’t wait for you to tell us all about it. Holly keeps asking when you’re coming home, she misses you. She’s going to see Charlie tonight! Enjoy the rest of your day. Love Mum, Holly, Ozzy and ALL your skylanders! Xxxx


  3. Hello tj, hope you enjoyed the boat ride and managed to spot some seals, cant wait to read your postcard. Lots of love dad mum tyler XXX


  4. Hi Kevin, Are you having a great time at Northumberland, what are you getting up to did you like your room, is it better than London. Were you sick this this resedential,Who’s room are you in this year

    Daniel Hollier and Ali Ali


  5. Lisa ( Edwards Mum )
    Hey Lovely Lad xxx You look like you`re having a blast !!!
    Hope you spotted some seals …..

    Enjoy the rest of your day !!!
    Love you lots xxxxxx Mum, Cara, Georgia & Wills xxxxxx


  6. Hiya Jacob,looks like your having a great time hope you enjoyed your boat trip.cant wait to hear about everything you’ve been doing when you get back….enjoy the rest of your trip Jacob…..lots of love dad xxx


  7. Did you spot some seals Freya? I can’t wait to get your postcard ( that’s if you remembered to get a stamp from Maddison) oops so sorry i forgot about the stamps sweetie!!
    Much love Mum xxxxx


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