The results are in……..

We found lots and lots of hermit crabs, star fish, a butterfish, sea anemones and lots of rather large shore crabs. More importantly, we had great fun. 

6 thoughts on “The results are in……..

  1. Hi Daisy,
    I bet you would fetch that crab home if you could!!
    Lovely photo of you and Isabel!
    Can’t wait to see you Friday.
    Love mum, dad & Belle xx


  2. What a lovely day everyone has had. I love fishing around in rock pools (jealous) hope it wasn’t to cold. Kian you look as you are having a brilliant time enjoy. See you soon love mum xxx


  3. Hi Elise, looks like you’re having a brilliant time, hope you enjoyed the boat ride today. Can’t wait to see you on Friday, missing you lots 😊 Love mum


  4. Hi Issi. That’s a beautiful photo of you and Daisy. It looks like you had great fun hunting for crabs. You didn’t look as happy when you were on the boat though !! It is really strange without you. There’s nobody doing cartwheels whilst we are trying to watch TV !! Enjoy your dinner and evening. Lots of love Mum Dad and Olivia xxxx


  5. Hi Ali hope you are okay? It looks like you are really enjoying yourself I would like too see pictures of you Ali my eyes be looking for you, we all miss you enjoy rest of your time there xxx


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