Bamburgh Castle.

We are ready to learn all about this beautiful castle. Did you know that it’s the most photographed castle in the Western Hemisphere ?

This is a view of Bamburgh from up in the castle. 

4 thoughts on “Bamburgh Castle.

  1. Oh wow, Bamburgh Castle looks just as stunning as it did when I went (18 years ago) and Matt (3 years ago). Hopefully this lovely weather will stay for you all to enjoy your last full day. Should recieve your postcard today Monkey 😁 can’t wait to see your beautiful little face tomorrow! Love you lots sweetheart x x x


  2. Bamburgh castle looks beautiful you look like your all having an amazing time. The weather looks good too. We have received your postcard this morning Leah. We are missing you lots Noah can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Have fun love you lots love from mum


  3. Wow looks great that castle looks impressive tejay wish I was there with me camera .hope you all have a good day looking forward to the ✉ see you soon ,Big smiles Dad, Mum, Tyler, pipps xxx


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