Circle Time.

We are sharing our favourite activities of the week and thinking about how a week away from home might have changed us. We are all very proud that we have managed a full school week away from our families and have been able to look after ourselves. We have all missed home but we have had an amazing adventure. 

5 thoughts on “Circle Time.

  1. Hope you all enjoy your final night! Josh we received your post card. Riley is telling everyone you are in Northumberland. He cannot wait for your return. Night monkey 😊 x x


  2. Hi Elise, looks like you’ve had a fab day today at the castle & the beach. We received your postcard today, Ruby couldn’t wait to come in from school to read it 😊. Hope you’ve had a lovely night. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, miss you lots, love from us all 😘


  3. Hi Ali we received your postcard today, was really excited to read it. It looks like you enjoyed yourself at the castle have a good night sleep and we all love you enjoy you last day tomorrow and see you soon xxxx


  4. Hope you had a lovely last night Dylan. Enjoy today, can’t wait to see you late and give you a massive cuddle. Missed you loads mate. Lots of love Mum xxxx


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