11 thoughts on “          More Bamburgh Castle …

  1. Hi Rebecca…what a lovely sunny day it is there. We got your postcards today…what neat writing..Jenny is having a good birthday but she’s missing you…..James says he doesn’t miss all your singing!!!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Love mum Jenny and James. Xxx


  2. Hi Kian glad you are having a lovely time castle looks amazing we got your postcard this morning Shaun loves what you said about him. Lol see you tomorrow love you lots Mum&Dad Shaun and Bella xxx


  3. Hi Julia.
    Another beautiful sunny day! It looks as though you are having a great time, Bamburgh Castle looks and amazing place to visit. Missing you lots, can’t wait for you to be home tomorrow and tell us all about your week.
    Love Mum and dad xx


  4. Elizabeth your post card was on the mat when I got home, just looking through todays blog so far , It s great to see you smiling and enjoying yourself , looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Enjoy your last night and we’ll see you tomorrow.
    Much love Mum.Xxx


  5. Hiiiiii lily your postcard arrived today thank you so much it was a lovely surprise xx hope your still enjoying yourself and I will see you tomorrow xx love you lots mum xxxx 🙂


  6. Some nice photo’s of you today sweetheart, we got your postcard this morning.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay and i’ll see you this weekend.
    Love you loads


  7. Hi Edward, what a lovely picture of you at the castle!!!! Sorry its late, hope you get this message…. We miss you so much and can’t wait to see your smiley face tomorrow!!! Loving that you have your camera around your neck and can’t wait to see all your photos!!!! Have a great last day and safe journey home!! Love you lots and looking forward to your birthday weekend!!! Enjoy being 10 tomorrow for the last day!;!! Love Mum, Cara, Georgia and William. Xxxxxxxxx p.s your post card is lovely, thank you xxxxxx xxxxxx


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